Tuesday, May 22, 2007

baby update!!

Well hey guys... How are you doing?? I am ok here.. just getting tired easy and waiting and waiting for my due date to come quicker... ahhhh... he moves so much and sticks his knee out of my right side...

paul left for two weeks again.. he doesn't come home til june 4 and we leave norfolk va june 8 and get into ohio june 8th at night and spend time with my parents and a couple of friends then leave early in the morning on the 10th for Green bay Wi... what fun ... then have the baby in Wi...

i will be sure to put up pics as soon as he is born or when i am feeling up to it!!
most of you know how it is...

well not much longer!! June 22!!!

Keep in touch..


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

about baby

well everyone yesterday i went to get an ultrasound.. they told me that our baby is only 3lbs 12oz for 8 months... they said he is under weight.. then they also told me he has fluids in his kidneys that shouldn't be there... so i have to take no stress test twice a week and go to a kidney doctor for him... i wish my husband was here.... but no... well will you guys keep our little one in our prayers..

they told me to rest and keep eating

any body got ideas to help our little guy gain some weight...

thanks so much

kim and paul