Wednesday, April 25, 2007

baby stuff..

well not much is going on.. well have decided on a name for our son.. he is going to be.. TRISTAN STONE MELCHERT... what you think??? my husband wants our first to be named that.. i love it.. my husband has duty today so i am just trying to figure out how to sell things on ebay.. i am going to call my dad and figure out what to do...well we have gotten alot of baby clothes from our friend who just had a baby she got a butt load from a lady... so i got more baby clothes to wash now.. yayy.. they are cute clothes.. lucky we don't need to buy any.. thank far we got a boppy pillow, a play toy, a swing,pacifiers, some diapers, bottles, that is about it for now... but more to come.. getting alot of pasted down stuff from family members on my husbands side of the family.. oh and i can't forget my mom becca gave me a baby book.. it is freakin awesome..

paul leaves for two weeks on the first and comes home the 14th...

the first week in june i will be heading up to green bay wi... to have the baby up there and i will be staying up there after the baby is born til my husband gets back from deployment..

well that is all for now.. update more later..