Saturday, July 21, 2007


Four jobs I've held:

Concession stand
Country club retirement center
Burger King

Four movies I can watch over again:

Dances with wovles
Ghost rider
Bend it like beckham

Four places I have lived:

New Philadelphia,ohio
Norfolk, Va
DePere, Wi
Oneida, Wi

Four t.v. shows I watch:

suite life of zack and cody

Dawsons creek

7th Heaven

full house

Four places I've been on vacation:

Lowwick, England

orlando, Florida

virginia beach

washington, va

Four favorite foods:



big mac

French fries

Four websites I visit:

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing
becca at wiglife
amber at Crazy Bloggin' Canuck 101
damselfly at growing a life

Four people I am tagging:

becca at wiglife
amber at crazy bloggin canuck 101
damselfly at growing a life...


becca said...

OK. Soon. Promise.

Damselfly said...

Whoops. I better get crackin'.

I loved Bend It Like Beckham too. And that's cool you've been to England.